"The CSRA's Premier Inspection
Ryan M. Peel, CMI
Our Inspection Process
1) We schedule an appointment time that is convenient for you.  We can begin as early as 7:30
a.m. or as late as 4:30 p.m.  We do schedule appointments for Saturdays, however they fill
quickly.  Also please be aware that many lock boxes have timers not allowing them to be
opened before 9:00 a.m.  Ask your Realtor about theirs.

2) We meet with you at the home (not required, but recommended) and discuss any specific
concerns you may have.  Concerns such as things listed in the sellers disclosure, things you've
heard to be aware of, or have seen in the home on prior visits.

3) We usually begin in the kitchen area inspecting the appliances, cabinetry, plumbing, counter
tops, flooring, etc...  This room takes longer than most other rooms in the home.  

4) We begin checking the A.C. and  furnace.  These items have to run for a period of time to
achieve adequate digital temperature readings so we allow them to run for the duration of the

5) We then move from room to room throughout the home checking all of the other items
mentioned on the "Inspection Coverage" page,such as doors, outlets, lights, flooring, windows,
ceilings, etc...

6) Once the main interior of the home has been fully checked, we climb into the attic area and
inspect the insulation, ventilation, roof materials, etc...

7) Upon completion of the heated interior living spaces and attic areas, we begin our inspection
of the garage/carport areas.

8) We then walk the exterior of the home inspecting the siding, roof top, fascia & soffit, window
casings, etc...

9) Then the remaining items such as driveways, patios, decks, sidewalks, yard grading, etc...
are inspected.  

10) At this time, if there is a crawlspace, we enter the crawlspace and search for foundation
problems, wood damage, plumbing leaks, etc...

11) Finally we check the sprinkler system.  This is done last to prevent us from having to
inspect the exterior while it is wet.

12) We will then go over the inspection with you there at the home.  We will point out to you and
explain the specific problems that we found as well as their significance.  We will answer any
questions you might have about the inspection report or about a specific problem.

13) All reports are provided the same day.  They can be e-mailed directly from the site (most
locations), or can be mailed, faxed or delivered.  Copies are also available to your agent.  No
information will be disclosed to the seller or sellers' representative without your consent.
“Ryan was very thorough in both
inspecting our home and
explaining his findings to us."
The Judsons