Board Certified Master Inspector
Ryan M. Peel, CMI
Why You Should Hire Us
“You found problems with my
home that not even the seller was
aware of.  Thank you."
~ Ms. Schneider
Your home purchase, if you're like most of us, is likely to be the largest
investment you will ever make.
 You will normally require the services of several
people in this endeavor; the Realtor, the mortgage banker, the appraiser, the
surveyor and the attorney.  The idea of getting your home inspected can get lost
in the shuffle and the thought of spending more  money is not pleasant.  The
"typical" cost of a home inspection is between $250.00 and $300.00.  It is a small
price to pay to protect yourself and obtain
"Peace of Mind" in selecting the right
Peel Home Inspections, Inc. will provide this "Peace of Mind" at a
reasonable price.  We work for the client only and disclose our findings only to
you unless otherwise directed.  We take great pride in our reputation and look
forward to providing this
service to our clients.
Our office demands nothing but the latest and best in education, equipment,
experience and performance.
 We continually update our knowledge of changing
building standards, practices and materials through extensive continuing education
sources, contact with local governing officials and meetings with various specialists.

All of our reporting methods meet or exceed the standards set forth by the
Association of Certified Home Inspectors
as well as local organizations.

communicate with Realtors and lenders to assist in getting all of the necessary
information where it needs to be in a very timely manner.

We make ourselves available for any follow up questions, comments or services.  
We provide
free follow-up inspections to assure you any repairs requested were
performed properly.  Once the inspection is completed, we want you to know we are
still there for you if you need us.

All homes are
"Owner Inspected."  This means I personally will inspect your home
and not send an employee or sub-contractor.  This is important since
I have a
personal vested interest in making sure you get the best inspection possible
have someone you can directly communicate with.

Ryan M. Peel, CMI