Ryan M. Peel, CMI
Frequently Asked Questions
“You found problems with my
home that not even the seller was
aware of.  Thank you."
~ Ms. Schneider
Q. Do I really need a home inspection?
A. Yes.  Unless you are a qualified professional with the knowledge of current building
standards, code qualifications, safety measures and equipment, it is beneficial to have a
home inspection.

My cousin is a contractor.  Can't I just have him/her walk through the house and tell me
what's wrong?
A. It is not recommended.  While contractors have a general knowledge of residential
construction, most do not have the experience and knowledge to evaluate problems that
have occurred post construction or potential problems or hazards that may occur.  
contractors do not have the appropriate equipment
for checking noxious gas leaks,
moisture penetrations or heating & cooling components.  Additionally, there are
that can occur for a non-licensed or non-insured individual performing
services on the property (remember, you don't own the property yet).

I have ordered an appraisal.  Won't the appraiser tell me if there's something wrong with
the home?
A. No.  The appraisers' purpose is to assess the value of the home and not necessarily the
condition of the home.  The appraisers' evaluation of the home is vague and general.  
Mechanical systems are not operated nor are attics and crawlspaces checked by the
appraiser.  These areas are where some of the most significant problems are found.

The seller had an inspection performed.  Should I trust theirs?
A. If researched.  If you're using an inspection ordered by someone else, make sure the
inspector was qualified.  Take the time to
contact the inspector and discuss the problems
with him/her specifically.  
Check the inspectors' guarantees to make sure any mistakes or
problems that arise will be appropriately addressed.

Because of work or travel I cannot make the inspection appointment.  Do I really need to
be there?
A. No.  However it is suggested.  By being present at the inspection we are able to show
you and discuss with you any problems we find on-site.  
If you are unable to make the
appointment, we can make arrangements with your Realtor or the seller if no Realtor is
 We will make prior arrangements to e-mail, fax or mail the inspection materials
to you.  Upon completion of the inspection we will contact you to discuss the report and
make payment arrangements.

Should I trust an inspector recommended by my Realtor?
A. Yes.  I recommend researching the inspector however to make sure you're comfortable
with their services.  
The inspector should take responsibility for his/her findings which
would prevent any favoritism or bias.

Do you offer any kind of a guarantee on your inspections?
A. Yes.  We guarantee that if a reasonable problem is discovered within your home that
should have been evident at the time of the inspection, we will re-visit the home at no
additional charge to evaluate the extent of the problem and discuss repairs.
Please contact me with any additional questions
you may have.